Everything in Moderation?

chocolate cake

The saying goes ‘everything in moderation’. The people who say this generally mean that they will eat what they want! The problem is one person’s moderation may be very different to another person’s moderation!

One suggestion is to follow the 80% rule. You eat healthy food 80% of the time and eat/drink unhealthy food 20% of the time. Another way of allowing yourself treats is to balance out the excess with extra exercise. If you know you are having a large meal out in the evening you could have an extra half hour of exercise earlier in the day. Actually exercise often reduces your appetite so you may then not feel like eating so much anyway. However you like to think of it, the main focus should be on healthy eating.

Reducing the amount of energy you consume slightly by having some healthier snacks and meals, whilst also burning extra energy through exercise. This means hopefully you will be using up more energy than you are taking in each day and eventually losing weight. 

Often if I know I will be eating an unhealthy meal later with friends I will have a bowl of soup or salad a couple of hours before, then I am less likely to be very hungry and eat large portions later.