GI Explained

Fruit basket

The glycemic index was originally created for diabetics who need to control their blood sugar levels.

Foods that are more easily broken down in your digestive system release sugar into your blood quickly, and trigger insulin to be released so that you can control the blood sugar to a normal level. The excess sugar is stored as fat to be used in the future.

So foods that are broken down slowly, release sugar into the blood slowly, meaning you store less fat and are simply using the sugar from your blood by your muscles as energy.

Try to choose lower GI foods - a few examples are given on the right. This will help reduce your energy highs and lows with less cravings for sugary or fast foods. If you ensure you are eating healthy meals or snacks every few hours this will also help to maintain more stable blood sugar levels.


High GI

White bread
White rice
Mashed potato

Low GI

Wholemeal/Granary bread
Brown rice
Many types of fruit
New Potatoes


Granery Bread